Sleep Better By Changing This One Thing

Do you wake up stiff or sore, maybe more tired than when you lay down? There might be a simple solution. Change your pillow and see.

side sleeper pillows

Why get a new pillow? For one, they don’t last forever. Pillows break down and provide less support. They collect dust mites and other allergens if you don’t wash them. A beat-down dirty pillow contributes to neck and shoulder pain as well as stuffed-up sinuses.

Also, you need a pillow that suits your sleeping style. For example, side sleepers require medium firm support with enough loft to keep their spine aligned. But you have lots of choices for side sleeper pillows, from memory foam to real down to hypoallergenic polyester.

On the other hand, if you often experience neck pain, try an orthopedic pillow. They offer ideal cervical support whether you lay on your side or back.

Stomach sleepers face a different challenge. If that describes you, you already know that thick, fluffy pillows are out. You need something thin and soft with just enough filling to keep you comfy. Fortunately, companies have caught on to this. Instead of resorting to the oldest pillow you have in the house, try one of these made for stomach sleeping.

But what about combination sleepers? Do people who switch from side to back or stomach throughout the night need more than one pillow? No, because there are combination sleeper pillows, too. No matter what position you roll to, you shouldn’t have to wake up enough to fluff them.

As you shop for a new pillow, think about three features: size to suit your bed, temperature, and satisfaction guarantee. Choose a breathable material that keeps you comfortable if you sleep hot. Then rest better knowing you can return your purchase and try something else if you need.

In conclusion, the right pillow is going to make a significant improvement. It’s an inexpensive investment that pays off immediately on the first night.