Welcome 2020 with these Gorgeous Nail Art Using SNS Dipping Powder

We are a few days away from the New Year and as colorful as 2019 has been, it is also time to say goodbye to the nail trend of that year and come up with a new one. There’s more to look forward to this coming year but when it comes to fashion, it is always a nice idea to be one step ahead. Unpredictable, creative and easy are the words that could best describe the nail trends for the coming year. If you enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends then you are in for a treat. For those who likes to experiment, don’t fret because your personality will still shine because experimenting with new nail trends is what 2020 is about. Prepare your nails and your artistic side as we welcome 2019 with a bang with these nail art ideas using SNS Dip Powder Nails.

Metallic Color Trends

You may have noticed the metallic trends in your newsfeed this year and you might say that this is not something new. Well, experts says that we can still expect metallic to dominate our social media feeds because it looks so good one cannot get enough of it.

Using SNS Metallic collection, you can achieve this look easily. From the hype warm old rose to icy platinum, you can paint your nails and let it shine the brightest as a New Year approaches. It has been a long time since frosty colors has been on trend and this is the perfect time for its comeback so might as well be the first one to wear it on your company’s year-end party. Experts predicted that a variety of different hues with metallic finishes will be seen everywhere so those who loves to experiment have a lot to try on.

Yellow Trends

The undeniable young and fun spirit of yellow is a characteristic that makes it worth wearing and the coming year will give you more reasons to do so. As the spring approaches, wearing pastel yellow like SNS GC394 will give you that can’t ignore vibe. It emanates a dreamy and effortless mood that is nothing but cool and elegant. Try this one today and thank us later!

Green Trends

Do you have a thing for green? Well if you do, then it is time for you to celebrate as it has been predicted that dark greens like SNS IS11-Spartan will be big this 2020. For the longest time, not everyone realizes how universally flattering this shade is until now and it is a nail trend that will surely give you tons of compliments.

Barely There or Nude Trends

Let’s admit it, not everyone is into loud and colorful nails but that doesn’t make them not part of the group. If you are one of those who loves a non-existent barely there look then here’s something that you can sign up on. Nude trend doesn’t have to be all boring and dull, there’s plenty of ways to experiment like ombre and matte finish for a cool spin. SNS Colors has plenty of nude hues that you can try. Plenty of fashion shows have already started with this trend and mind you, these low-key stunners might not be that “sheer” but this trend is very easy to master.

Accessorized Tips/ French Nails

The all-time favorite nail trend is making a comeback on 2020 but it’s got more to offer than ever. This nail trend is no longer like your grandmother’s French manicure, the traditional crescent offers new tips such as heart shape, double French and asymmetrical placement. Some have even tried using pearls and rhinestones as tips and the results are phenomenal. Each stones and pearls are hand-picked and placed on the tip to create a French drip and it is just lovable. Expect to see more of the tweaked version of French manicures in the coming months as they are unstoppable.

With all the trends going on and with plenty of products to try, there is only one thing that will never come out of style and it is the nail dipping powder trend. This technology is getting bigger than ever! Thanks to the easy to apply, fast-drying, healthy and odorless property like that of SNS dipping powder, trendsetters can now enjoy the fun of playing with their nails without worrying about the harm that traditional nail polishes gives to the nail.